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Dec 10 2018

Hi Lori,

Thanks again for a fabulous trip!! X2.

I’m compiling the pictures now and will pick the best ones and get them over to you. Probably will be over there next week.

We had a wonderful time. I can't say enough about the boat, the crew the gear and , of course, you and all your work to get us set up. It was extremely professional in every single aspect!

More to come…
Dec 5/8 2018

Nov 7 2018

Thanks Lori, I meant to email you last night (but we stayed in the Marina a bit to celebrate) to tell you we had a an absolute fantastic charter. The boat was clean and a great fit for us, and both captains worked very hard to put us on the fish. Very professional, and Omar was great with the kids when we hooked up.

And thanks for your service – loved the emails which helped a ton. We will send pictures when we can.

We will absolutely recommend your charters!



Michael A. Jacobus, Esq.
Novins, York & Jacobus, P.A.
Fishing Date Nov 6 2018

Hello there!

... please be sure and look at our VIP Guest Photos and visit our Facebook page and our Twitter is @CaboMagic of course!

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Hi Lori,

One great bucket list day.

The crew was terrific, they worked really hard all day, very friendly. The crew really knew what they were doing, it was very interesting watching the technique and so many things that come second nature to them.

Despite depositing my breakfast into the ocean, I had a great time, absolutely terrific day on the water!

Thanks again!

Lake Forest, Illinois
34' Capt Roberto
Dec 27 2017

Please see VIP Guest Photo

Nov 16 2017

Hi Tommy and Lori,
... We had a great time with Cpt Roberto and Jose. They were fantastic as was the boat and fishing. I will certainly work with Cabo Magic in the future. Attached is a pic for your fishing report if you like. 130 lb. striped marlin. In all we landed 2 dorado, 1 wahoo, and the marlin. Had another marlin to the boat and lots of hard strikes.
Great Time,
Brian Rahman PE
Executive Director of Engineering

Fishing Dates Nov 12/13 2017
Please see VIP Guest Photos


fished hard for marlin…salvaged the trip with a great tuna bite. Thanks to Captain for fishing me hard and long! Good times and will return.

Brad Lail
Hickory, North Carolia
Fishing Date Aug 7, 2017
29' Cruiser
Please see VIP Guest Photo

July 24, 2017

I can't stop talking about this day, I think you made me into a fisherman. Some pics of the day are attached... and thanks for the magnet!! You're the best!

Sunland, California

Fishing Date July 17, 2017
31' Bertram


We had a great time. My grandson is hooked now.
I will be in contact with you when we get back. There's some things I would like to talk to you guys about. ( good things ). Thanks again. The crew was fantastic.

Doug Jones
Fishing Date 7/10/17

Hello Lori,

The trip was great! Dad did amazing. Caught one of the big roosters, went for a jet ski ride, bartered with the vendors, bought 24 boxes of cigars and we all ate some great food. Thank you to you and your guys for a great fishing (catching) experience. I shared our fishing experience with many folks while in Cabo and highly recommended you, hopefully will drive some more business to you.


Fishing Date June 7,2017 43' Hatteras

June 10, 2017

Yaaaaas! Lori, we had a great time. Eating it after at the restaurant was the best haha

Thanks for setting it all up for us.

Sent from my iPhone

Fishing Date June 10, 2017
43' Hatteras

April 20, 2017

Hi Lori!

So sorry to be out of touch for so long, had a ton of work to catch up on after getting back from Cabo! Yes, we had a great time with both captains, and both catered to our needs beautifully. Unfortunately due to the winds, I was unable to fish over San Jaime banks as I had originally wished, but we still found some good deep water with structure on the Sea of Cortez side. I've attached some of my own pictures for your entertainment. In total, I caught 14 new species of fish on this trip to Cabo bringing my documentation to 947 species of fish caught worldwide! Feel free to browse my website to see the catches I've encountered. By the way, I did hook a Parrotfish!! Unfortunately, it was a fairly large one and I had hooked it on light line so after a few minutes of fighting, it took me under a rock ledge and broke me off. Beautiful fish though, would have loved to land and photograph it! Anyways, I will be back to try and fish San Jaime in the future, and will be contacting you again! Thanks once again for the smooth experience!


Please see VIP Guest Photos

March 9 2017

Just got off boat. Had great time. Captain Jose is a good man. Thank you.

Sent from my iPhone

Gregory "Doc" Mattiolo
Natrona Heights, Pennsylvania

Please see VIP Guest Photos and Facebook

March 4, 2017

Thanks so much..had a day! Those guys are great!!!

Sent from my iPhone

Eric Steinbrenner
New Albany, Indiana
Fishing Date March 3, 2017 34' w/Capt Roberto
Please see VIP Guest Photos and Facebook

December 29, 2016

Hi Lori,

We had a fabulous day yesterday!! The team did a fantastic job for us and were very personable and experienced. Fun to watch the action of the team!! We caught the two fish we wanted to catch and saw a lot of whales. We even finished our trip with a visiting sea lion?? Thank you so much!! It couldn't have went better!!!

We would love to use your company again in the future!!

Have a Happy New Year!!

Kelly Park
Please see VIP Guest Photos and Facebook

Oct 31, 2016

Visiting from Palm Desert, California.
Return VIP Guests The Dr. Ken Phillips Group
Dr. Ken, RuthAnn, Andrew and Uncle Gilbert had one of those AMAZING days with Capt Jose Juan (29')

Heres a text message from Ken:
Juan Jose is the best! Aggressive Marlin Stalker. It was like he was fly fishing! Dancing the bait in front of the Marlin!
Uncle Gil got a nice Dorado. At 88, he is still doing it! All by himself! He was totally jazzed!

Fishing Date Oct 31, 2016
29' Cruiser

Please see VIP Guest Photos

Here are a couple pict Lori, It was a good trip. The wind made for a pretty bouncy trip. It reminded me of fishing out of Oregon. These guys worked very hard. Excellent crew. We got two yellow fin tuna, a Mahi Mahi, and a Striped Marlin. We will book again next year.

Thanks for your help Lori!

John Lubinsky
Vancouver, Washington
Please see VIP Guest Photos

Hey Lori!!! Wedding was wonderful!!!!!! Fishing trip was good but fishing not so much…… That’s why they call it fishing instead of catching!! Haha!!!! The crew was wonderful and very accommodating, very knowledgeable, nice and helpful. Please tell them we had nothing but kind words for them as they worked hard to put us on fish but it just wasn’t in the cards for that day. We fish a lot offshore in the Gulf of Mexico so we fully understand the nature of fishing, but again it was a great day on the water in beautiful Cabo. Thank you again so much for setting this trip up for us. If we ever make it back to Cabo we would love to go fishing with you again. Thank you again for everything!!!!
Best regards and stay in touch
Joe Krebs
Northport, Alabama

October 31, 2016

Back in email mode. Thanks very much for your help on putting this trip together and for your suggestions. The captains were amazing, both very professional and thoughtful in what they did. I would say that they are “the” crew to have based on my experience on many other trips in the Baja.

We will be back!


Jim Tolliver, CIC, Colorado & Texas Market Leader
Fishing Date October 25, 2016
34' Owens

We had a great time.
Thank you
Jason & Melissa Harp
Fulton, New York

Newlyweds on their Honeymoon!

Fishing date Oct 22, 2016
29' Cruiser

Thanks, Lori. You're guys did great. I was very impressed with how hard they worked. What is the mate's name?

Also, please make sure the crew for tomorrow, Tuesday, knows that I want this to be a Blue Marlin trip. Not interested in dorado, striped marlin, etc. A Blue Marlin is on my bucket list and I need to keep working on this until I get one.


Mike Conn
Greenwood, Indiana

Fishing Dates
Oct 16, 2016 29' Cruiser
Oct 18, 2016 34' Owens

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