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We had the PLEASURE of fishing with Cabo Magic. I was in charge of booking a trip for 4x dads and 8x kids (ages 4 - 8). About half of the people I contacted during my research didn't want to help, and the other half tried to convince me to book a $5k - $6k charter. Cabo Magic immediately stood out. Lori called me .. we spent 30 minutes on the phone going over EXACTLY how I wanted my charter set-up. When the call was nearing a close, I asked Lori for some more time to hear back from other sportfishing operations - Since I was booking for 4x families, I wanted to make sure that I did my due diligence. Lori RESPECTFULLY allowed me to continue my search - No hard sell, no "takeaway" close - She just advised that she wanted our group to be happy, and encouraged me to call back if we wanted to book. After wasting another 15-minutes e-mailing and calling other operations, it was clear that Cabo Magic was our best choice from the start. I called Lori back, and we locked-in the trip.

On the day of the charter, I texted Lori to remind her that we were arriving with 8x kids, and accordingly, may be running a little behind. She assured me that the boat would remain ready to depart whenever we arrived. Sure enough, we showed up CLOSE to "on-time" (only 30-mins later than we had planned). Roberto ferried us to the boat, and the crew helped each of the kids aboard. The food, drinks, and BAIT were all ready to go.

We ended the day with 3x fish (85# Striper, 250# Blue, 350# Blue). It was the trip of a LIFETIME. How many kids get to reel-in a 350# Blue Marlin at ages 4-8, and how may dads get to share that experience with their kids? We are forever grateful - We couldn't have done it without Tommy & Lori, Roberto, Captain Gil, Raul, Efrain and CABO MAGIC!

Evan C. Williams

714.361.7079 Direct Line

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