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VIP Guests visiting from Des Moines, Iowa
Sara, John, Bob, Jen, Wade
Saturday Nov 16 2019
34' Owens Visiting from Northbrook Illinois
VIP Guest Robert Engle
Ready to begin!
November 13 2019
35' Bertram Monday November 11 2019
VIP Guests from Smithtown, New York 
Jim and Susan Weimar
Mike and Fran Romeo
A day of #CaboMagic
43' Hatteras Sportfisher Monday November 11 2019
VIP Guests from Smithtown, New York  
Jim and Susan Weimar
Mike and Fran Romeo
Ready to go fishing with #CaboMagic
43' Hatteras Sportfisher
Saturday Nov 9 2019
It's a BEAUTIFUL day for fishing  and catching with #CaboMagic
VIP Guests visiting from San Marcos, Texas
Nellie, Justin, Morgan, Carly and Kyle
34' Owens Visiting from Johnston, Rhode Island
VIP Guests Mark Pietros and Sean Senno definitely MAGIC day!
November 10 2019
43' Hatteras Grateful today and every day for those who accepted the call and serve, served, will serve.  Your courage, heroism, and sacrifice ... Saturday Nov 9 2019
It's a BEAUTIFUL day to go fishing with #CaboMagic
VIP Guests visiting from San Marcos, Texas
Nellie, Justin, Morgan, Carly and Kyle are ready!
34' Owens
Yes, a definitely great Cabo Magic day!
Visiting from Houston, Texas
New VIP Guests Brandon Oliver, Katelyn Stout, Phil Peterson and Jonathan Carson
Friday Nov 8 2019 
35' Bertram Return VIP Guest Scott Britcher and new friends too!
Day One
Nov 8 2019 Being in business since 1999 has allowed the opportunity and privilege to work with and represent many of the greatest Cabo San Lucas Captains and Mates, as well as many of the nearly 650 particpants of the 21st Annual Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot 2019
So we are rooting for so many of you!!
Starting from the top - and only that particular order ...

Team #1 El Torito
Team #5 Stimulator
Team #9 Mucho Loco
Team #11 Tag Team 3
Team #12 Rhino Del Mar
Team #14 Chaos
Team #16 Muco Loco II
Team #18 Ursula
Team #23 FishCabo
Team #26 Reel Gold
Team #29 Big Papi
Team #32 Spicy Tuna
Team #33 Adrenaline
Team #39 Dr Pescado
Team #40 Karina
Team #43 Valerie
Team #45 Colleens Magic
Team #47 Go Deeper
Team #48 Sea Bum
Team #55 Thresher
Team #60 Plan B
Team #61 Picante Dream
Team #63 Tuna Time
Team #67 Cheers I
Team #72 Caliente
Team #74 Baja Raider
Team #80 Prime Time
Team #82 Salsa
Team #83 Blue Marlin II
Team #84 Burro
Team #87 Second Wind
Team #88 Tiburon
Team #92 Cloud Nine
Team #93 Ole Ole
Team #96 Cisco
Team #106 Picante Pride
Team #107 Melba Toast
Team #109 19's Toy
Team #110 Overtime
Team #115 Oh So Rojo
Team #119 Fin Addict
Team #121 Blue Sky
Team #123 La Mosca
Team #125 Cabolero
Team #126 Reel Quest
Team #129 Strictly Biz
Team #130 Sirena
Team #147 Pegasus Nov 4 2019 WAHOOOOOO
Team 12 Capt Mark Cornejo and friends doing some pre-fish practice Nov 4/5 for their participation in the 21st Annual Tuna Jackpot put on by Western Outdoor News.
We have several groups participating and will be rooting for everyone to have a great fun time, and hope all get to weigh at least one contender!
Nov 2/3 2019

43' Hatteras Return VIP Guests 
*Veteran* Rusty Creed and Steve Tisdale
Day one Saturday Nov 2 2019
43' Hatteras
Tomorrow hunting Dorado

Its Marlin Magic Time with Capt Ivan
And some Dorado to eat also!
45' Cabo Express
Nov 1/2 2019 Capt Tuna and Team do it again!
This is a beautiful 220# Yellowfin Tuna caught yesterday Nov 1 2019
BTW for those of you reading this and considering participation in the fun Tuna Jackpot put on by the Western Outdoor News group please consider that boats are often chartered for the next year ...right after the end of an event...
Nov 1 2019
VIP Guests visiting from Sausalito, CA

Griggs Zeising, Ryan Lowe, Peter Huebner, Taylor Manfredit, Jack Ziesing, Chris Murphy, Scott Whitney, Conor Chrisom, Grady Righthand

43' Hatteras Nov 1 2019
WOW within an hour of departure!!
Visiting from Chicago, Illinois
VIP Guests Joshua Simons, John Keeler, Bob Richmond, Max Mohr

35' Bertram Return VIP Guest Dr. Jim Forsythe visiting from Clovis California and this nice Dorado caught fishing with Capt Justo.
Good eats!! Happy Halloween
Cabo Magic Style
14 Marlin - all but one released
Limits on Yellowfin Tuna
200# Thresher Shark
Great Costumes eh ?
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