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Thanks, Lori. You're guys did great. I was very impressed with how hard they worked. What is the mate's name?

Also, please make sure the crew for tomorrow, Tuesday, knows that I want this to be a Blue Marlin trip. Not interested in dorado, striped marlin, etc. A Blue Marlin is on my bucket list and I need to keep working on this until I get one.


Mike Conn
Greenwood, Indiana

Fishing Dates
Oct 16, 2016 29' Cruiser
Oct 18, 2016 34' Owens



We had a great fishing trip! Thank you!

Best Regards,

Jeff Brogan
Fishing Date July 30, 2016

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Please see VIP Guest Photos

On Jul 7, 2016, at 8:11 PM, ccabrera wrote:

Can't thank you and your crew enough for today, we had a blast!! We just finished our dinner that was prepared by the chef at our hotel and it was so delicious!! Jose and Edgar were awesome today and I can't wait to come back (w/friends) and fish with you guys again. Again, thank you for everything.


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Fishing Date July 1, 2016

Please see VIP Guest Photos

July 2, 2016

Hi Lori,

We had a blast today. We only caught four fish, but the memories were priceless. We saw turtles, Dolphins, a shark, and of course the friendly sea lion that jumped on the boat. The crew was also great.

Thanks again for all your help!

Fishing Date July 2,2016
29' Cruiser
Please see VIP Guest Photos

June 7, 2016
Hey Lori!!! Wedding was wonderful!!!!!! Fishing trip was good but fishing not so much…… That’s why they call it fishing instead of catching!! Haha!!!! The crew was wonderful and very accommodating, very knowledgeable, nice and helpful. Please tell them we had nothing but kind words for them as they worked hard to put us on fish but it just wasn’t in the cards for that day. We fish a lot offshore in the Gulf of Mexico so we fully understand the nature of fishing, but again it was a great day on the water in beautiful Cabo. Thank you again so much for setting this trip up for us. If we ever make it back to Cabo we would love to go fishing with you again. Thank you again for everything!!!!
Best regards and stay in touch
Joe Krebs
Fishing Date June 3, 2016
43' Hatteras
Please see VIP Guest Photo

May 31, 2016

Here are a couple pict Lori, It was a good trip. The wind made for a pretty bouncy trip. It reminded me of fishing out of Oregon. These guys worked very hard. Excellent crew. We got two yellow fin tuna, a Mahi Mahi, and a Striped Marlin. We will book again next year.

Thanks for your help Lori!

Fishing Date May 17, 2016
30' Carolina
Please see VIP Guest Photos

May 19, 2016

Lori we had a great fishing trip and Jose and Josue worked very hard to get us on fish. Most didn't want to bite but they kept at it until they found me one that would, an 87 inch blue marlin. My wife had one get away from her earlier also. I will highly recommend Cabo Magic to all my fellow CCA (Coastal Conservation Association) members and friends.

Bill Klepper
Shertz, Texas

Please see VIP Guest Photo
Fishing Date May 17, 2016


Roberto and Jose did a fantastic job, Josh will never forget this day and neither will I. It was just the kind of memories I was hoping for. I would have been happy with just his fish, but Roberto and Jose got right back to fishing and hooked up one for me in five minutes. Can't tell you enough how happy and impressed we are with them. Thank you again!

Jeff Martin
Maple Grove, Minnesota
Please see VIP Guest Photos

Fishing Date March 23, 2016


I just wanted to tell you that we had a wonderful time fishing yesterday and that the skipper and mate were superb. I've attached some photos for you to post on your website if you would like.

Our eighteen year old twin daughters caught a 150 lb. striped marlin, two bonita, and a baby hammerhead shark (4 ft) which we released. We saw the marlin jump out of the water to hit the bait and subsequently it took two hours to land the marlin, which the girls did completely by themselves.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Fishing date March 22, 2016
29' Cruiser

Please see VIP Guest Photos

Feb 29, 2016

Hi Lori, Just wanted to let you know that everything about the two recent fishing trips with Capt. Hugo, was absolutely awesome. Also I wanted to thank you so much for all the additional information about my trip to Cabo that you so graciously provided. Everything about my Cabo Magic experience was top notch. You guys go above and beyond. Thanks again. Artie
Fishing Dates 19/21 Feb 2016
Panga with Capt Hugo
Please see VIP Guest Photos

Feb 23, 2016

We did enjoy the trip, had a slight set back in the sense I fell to motion sickness shortly after we reached our spot. We were able to catch the 3 fish and I tried my best to gain my bearings. I had put on a motion sickness patch the day before in hopes to keep everything good. To no avail we decided to head back to the marina. Once we got back we took the fish over to be filleted. Then we took them back to our resort (Grand Solmar) and the La Roca restaurant. They prepped them for our 7pm dinner, ceviche, and then breaded and deep fried, blackened, and grilled. What an amazing dinner knowing that 8 hours ago those fish were in the ocean.

Cap't. Jose & Juan were truly professional made sure we were comfortable. If I can figure out a way to maintain on the water I'd definitely make another attempt.

Tom Dyke
Fishing Date Feb 22 2016 28' Cruiser #1

Feb 4, 2016

Thanks Lori

Was a great trip. We had 3 Marlin on the day one lost at the boat.. But a great trip none the less.

Thank you.

Jeff Rocco - Closter, New Jersey
34' Cruiser with Capt Roberto
Please see VIP Guest Photos

Jan 29, 2016

Hi Lori

Everything was outstanding! Captain and his crew was great, helping us out and chatting a lot all day, and you were awesome helping me book everything, it went really smooth when we showed up at the dock!
And I know we didn't catch anything but that's why you call it fishing right smile emoticon

All the guys were happy with our day
And thanks again for all the help, we would definitely come back using you guys for another fishing trip!

Take care

// Nick

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Nick Grossman
NHL Arizona Coyotes

Please see VIP Guest Photos


Had a great time deep sea fishing for first time and catching a striped marlin. Sent some pictures of marlin and a seal in harbor. Will go on tripadvisor and tell them great things about your company.

Sincerely, Bill

Please see VIP Guest Photos

November 9, 2015

Thanks for everything! We had a great day, and I have attached a picture of the Marlin. We would have let him go but he swallowed the hook too far. Had the Dorado tonight for dinner. DELISH!

That was a great day :-)

Please see VIP Guest Photos here and on our Facebook page

September 22, 2015

Cabo Magic, can’t say enough about my trip fishing with Jose on the 29' Cruiser provided by Cabo Magic!! I knew that the fishing in Cabo was world class and was thrilled that I was provided World Class treatment!!! Made contact with Lori a month ahead of time and she talked me through everything and made it so easy. The day of the trip I got there a little early and crew was already ready to go with a meal for the day and we were one of the first boats out! The crew kept everything organized and we were on fish immediately. 2 hours in I caught that “Once in a Lifetime” fish!!! 105in 135lb sailfish. Everything the crew did made the experience unbelievable. This fish will definitely be finding some wall space!! Will always use Cabo Magic because I doubt there is anyone able to do it better!! Thanks again
Jake Arnold - Moore, Oklahoma Schlumberger

Please see VIP Guest Photos here and on Facebook
Fishing Date Sept 17, 2015

August 7, 2015

Cabo Magic was fantastic. Me and my lady had such a great time fishing with you guys. Jose and Emilio were absolutely great. As soon as we got out in the blue water we were on a fish. Landed a solid Striped Marlin. Not sure how big as we made a quick release off the back of the boat. My lady was not feeling well so we had to cut it short. Trolled back in and called it a day. Two days later we went out with Justo for some Roosterfish. As soon as we got lines in the water we had a strike. Missed fish. Went to the Pacific and hung out looking for fish. After 20 minutes, FISH ON. As I was reeling mine in, Jen hooked a bigger fish. We battled them for a few minutes around the boat and then safely released both fish. Missed two more rooster at the end of the day but still had a blast. Thank you Lori and Cabo Magic for making my 29th birthday a great one. We finished both days at the swim up bar! J

Jeff Zullo
Research & Development
Bloomin’ Brands International

Fishing Dates 31 July and 02 August 2015

Please see VIP Guest Photos here and on Facebook

August 4, 2015

Dear Lori, thanks so much for all your help with this trip. It truly was an experience of a life time. Your guide and deck hand worked tirelessly to keep us on the fish. We left port about 6:00 AM and before sunrise were hooked up to a 111 inch Blue Marlin. 40 minute fight ensued and the fish was landed. Unfortunately my wife got sea sick, but to your captain's credit, he shifted gears, got her back to the harbor and we picked up my father in law to go back out. In an effort to get my daughter Natalie (7 years old) a smaller fish, we trolled the west side of the peninsula and picked up a Skip Jack and Bonito. She was thrilled! After that, we went back out to the big water and had 1 sailfish strike and then a hook up with about a 150 lb sailfish that got off. Needless to say, considering we lost a couple of hours going back to port, I couldn't imagine a more successful trip and for that I am very grateful. we truly DID have an awesome trip and will use Cabo Magic, if or when we get back. Your hospitality and insight have been truly helpful and we appreciate everything you did to help make this a trip so special.

Best regards,
Forney, Texas
Fishing Date July 25, 2015
28' Cruiser #1


Hi Tommy & Lori :)))

Thank you So Much!!!! We are so Thankful we chose your company to go fishing with. Your Crew were The Best! We had an amazing time, and so Grateful we were lucky enough to catch a Marlin. Our boys have huge smiles from war to ear :)))) I have limited cell phone use here, but as soon as we get back home in California, i will send u pictures i took.

Sending you Big Hugs and Many Thank You's Xoxo. I have had a Wonderful time here in Cabo, and will be definitely coming back in the near future.

With Love,

Fishing Date July 1, 2015
28' Cruiser with Capt Jose
Please see VIP Guest Photos here and on Facebook

Hi Lori, everything was fantastic we had one great time and should be coming back next year sometime. ..trying to get some time to send you video and pictures and put a good word on your site. ...just swamped with work since I have been back. ..appreciate everything

Las Vegas, Nevada
Fishing Date June 13, 2015
Please see VIP Guest Photos courtesy of Capt Carlos

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